Tom Boyer


>VP/GM with startup experience in the high tech product industry
>More than $100 MM in sales in space systems, mobile communications, aerospace and defense
>New product specialist; leading development and marketing teams to take new technologies to market

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Square Studio Dev
Dr. Steve White

VP Engineering

>Former Partner Architect at Microsoft, CTO MSNBC
>Engineering leadership and machine learning expertise
>25 yrs experience in 3D imaging, image processing and recognition

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Steve Hawley
Dr. Howard Jay Chizeck

Co-Founder and Board Chairman

>Professor, Electrical Engineering, University of Washington
>Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering, University of Washington
>Co-Director UW Biorobotics Laboratory
>Co-named on all patents
>Sc.D. from MIT; MS and BS from Case Western Reserve University

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Steve Hawley