Why Olis? Why Now?

Don Pickering


Olis Robotics is a company that is firmly grounded by the principle of positive impact by realizing the promise and potential of robots. We’re taking the fiction out of science fiction and solving a problem that I know will deliver a profound positive impact on humankind.

Currently there are dumb robots with no brains and the humans who control them are stripped of their senses because they’re looking at two dimensional models.

We are a group of technologists, subject matter experts, engineers and executives who’ve cracked that code. Olis is building an operating system that essentially functions as a semi-autonomous brain for existing robots. These are not factory floor robots, but robots operated by pilots working in the most dangerous places like space and the ocean floor.

Olis is helping humankind do work that would physically be impossible or unsafe for humans. Our technology unlocks the ability for robots and sensors to conduct breakthrough work in offshore energy, nuclear decommissioning, environmental and health crises and in the infinite domain of space.  Closer to home, our technology can be deployed for elder and disabled care, maintenance and service of bridges and buildings, and efficient inspection and repair of dams and other infrastructure.

Our shared vision fosters and develops new technology that extends the precision of human reach into often dynamic and dangerous environments for the benefit of both humankind and the environment.

I feel fortunate to be able to work with, and represent, such a talented and dedicated team of robotic pioneers. Their experience, vision and commitment to excellence is extraordinary. It’s reflected in the pioneering work that Olis has accomplished and continues to develop every day.

While we’re limited only by the imagination, we see our path forward has already started in the most foreboding environments of space and offshore energy. The opportunities beyond these industries are vast.

Together with our investors, partners and customers, Olis is poised to be a positive force for both robotics and broader society.  Our technology platform is the first high-level robotics OS that is sensor-, controller-, and robot-agnostic. Our software enables a major leap forward in robotic functionality across any and all domains where robots operate in a dynamic landscape. Our technology has the potential to touch all corners of our planet and beyond. Just as Microsoft redefined how people interacted with the personal computer, we plan to redefine how people can deploy robotics to serve humanity.

I’m excited to see the future unfold for our company. I take seriously and am humbled by our capacity to innovate for positive impact and am honored and thankful to be part of this journey into improving humankind through robots.

—  Don Pickering, CEO