NASA Partners With Startup Olis Robotics For Space, Moon Missions

International Business Times | November 3, 2019

NASA's man on the moon goal continues, and its new addition to its roster of companies joining its mission is startup Olis Robotics.

The Seattle company develops software that controls robotic systems from a distance, and together with communication satellite maker Maxar Technologies, Olis' software, "SAMPLR," will be integrated with Maxar's robotic arm, as reported by Forbes. ........... Continue Reading


Robotics Startup Gets Money For NASA’s Moon Exploration Rush

Forbes | October 31, 2019

A Seattle startup just partnered with one of the biggest names in space, Maxar Technologies, to work on a new robotic mission that will head to the moon.

Olis Robotics will provide planning software for a Maxar robotic arm that will land on the moon in the coming years. It's all part of a larger push by NASA to study the moon and learn as much about it as possible as the agency works to land astronauts on the surface by 2024. The amount of the contract was not disclosed.

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U.S. tech firm Maxar taps startup's software for moon mission

Reuters | October 22, 2019

U.S. technology company Maxar Technologies Inc said it picked software developed by space startup Olis Robotics to run on a robotic arm of a lunar lander under NASA’s broader goal of human moon missions by 2024.

Maxar’s robotic arm dubbed SAMPLR, which is attached to an unnamed lunar lander bound for a mission to the moon by around 2022, will use the software to compensate for the extreme communication delays between Earth and the moon, planning robotic maneuvers on its own to fetch samples from the lunar surface........... Continue Reading


What Happens When this Robotics Startup Puts Lives First

Guide Force | October 22, 2019


Robotics technology has been fictionalized in writing and movies since the late 1800s and George Devol invented the first robot in 1954. Since then, robotics has come a long way and helped automate many aspects of not only industrial manufacturing, but of remote, mobile and field operations. .......... Continue Reading


iCsys, Olis Robotics to Distribute Machine-Learning ROV Controller

Subsea World News | October 10, 2019

Olis Robotics has entered into an agreement with iCsys, part of the Envirex Group, for sales, distribution and support of Olis Robotics machine-learning ROV controllers. The Olis Master Controller (OMC) is based on iCsys’ hardware design and is equipped with key software features of the Olis Robotics CoreOS software platform. .......... Continue Reading


The Essential Interview: Howard Chizeck, Olis Robotics
How teleoperation is taking tasks based on distance, danger, and scale.

Robotics Business Review | September 30, 2019

Teleoperation in robotics and haptic feedback has gone beyond the realm of robotic surgery to expand into underwater systems and other dangerous environments. One of the leaders in this space is Dr. Howard Chizeck, professor of electrical and computer engineering and adjunct professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington. .......... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics Partners with Forum on New ROV Controllers

Subsea World News | September 12, 2019

Olis Robotics has entered into an agreement with Forum Energy Technologies for global sales, distribution and support of its ROV controllers.

The Olis Master Controller (OMC) is said to be a next-generation controller for piloting remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) in the offshore energy industry. .......... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics forms partnership with Forum Energy Technologies

Oil Review | September 12, 2019

Olis Robotics, a provider of mobile and remote robotics software, has announced a new agreement with Forum Energy Technologies, a subsea products and services provider.

Under the new agreement, Forum will provide global sales, distribution and support of Olis Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) controllers for the offshore energy market. .......... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics Launches Sales and Distribution Partnership with Forum Energy Technologies, Expanding Global Reach for Machine-Learning ROV Controllers

Markets Insider | September 11, 2019

Olis Robotics, a leader in next-generation mobile and remote robotics software, today announced a new agreement with Forum Energy Technologies, a leader in subsea products and services, for Forum to provide global sales, distribution and support of Olis ROV controllers for the offshore energy market. .......... Continue Reading


Intelligent Autonomy Offshore

Oilfield Technology | August 2019

Don Pickering and Tom Boyer, Olis Robotics, USA, explain how software advances in remote robotics systems increase the efficiency and capability of unmanned offshore platforms. .......... Continue Reading


Advances in Controller Tech

Sea Technology | July 2019

The offshore energy industry utilizies assets that are challenging and expensive to operate ad maintain. To perform work subsea, field service companies use fleets of ROVs to install and maintain equipment and expand offshore energy production. Above the water, human resources are used to inspect, service and repair wind turbines and platforms. .......... Continue Reading


Olis, Tethers Unlimited Partner On Space Robots

Aviation Week | July 23, 2019

Software enabling semi-autonomous operations by remote mobile robots could be applied to the International Space Station (ISS) and future space habitats under a collaboration agreement between Olis Robotics and Tethers Unlimited (TUI). The companies say their partnership is expected to produce a viable, remotely operated robotic solution for space habitats such as the ISS by as early as next year. “Most robots take a lot of programming and have to be in a fixed place,” Olis CEO .......... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics and Tethers Unlimited Launch Development of New Remotely Operated “Smart” Robots for Space Stations

Yahoo! Finance | July 22, 2019

Olis Robotics, a leader in next-generation mobile remote robotics software, today announced a new agreement with Tethers Unlimited, Inc. (TUI), a leader in high-performance components and innovative systems for space applications.......... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics and Tethers Unlimited join forces on remote-controlled space robots

GeekWire | July 18, 2019

Two space tech companies that are headquartered in the Seattle area, Olis Robotics and Tethers Unlimited, are joining forces to create a new kind of remote-controlled robotic system that could be used on the International Space Station or other off-Earth outposts........ Continue Reading


Self-driving spacecraft? The challenge of verifying AI will work as intended

Space News | July 9, 2019

To prepare for self-driving cars, mobility companies have spent more than a decade gathering data from thousands of vehicles equipped with cameras, radar, lidar, GPS receivers and inertial measurement units. No comparable database exists for companies or government agencies aiming to give spacecraft more autonomy....... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics and Olympus Controls Evaluate Developing Remotely Operated AI-Robots Capable of New Levels of Precision in Dynamic Environments

AITHORITY | July 2, 2019

New Agreement Explores Integrating Existing Proprietary Technologies to Produce Progressive-Autonomy Robots for Remote, Precision Tasks Beyond Traditional Warehouses...... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics and Olympus Controls evaluate developing remotely operated AI-robots capable of new levels of precision in dynamic enviroments

Morning Star | July 1, 2019

Olis Robotics, a leader in next-generation mobile remote robotics software, today announced a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Olympus Controls, a leader in engineering innovation and automated robotic solutions for industry. The two Washington-based technology companies agreed to explore developing assisted autonomy applications to deliver new capabilities that support Olympus’ diverse customer needs...... Continue Reading


Olis wins USAF grant to study use of robots to service satellites

Air Force Technology | May 24, 2019

Olis Robotics has secured funding from the US Air Force (USAF) to evaluate the applicability of robotics software platform to efficiently service satellites in orbit.

The initial small business innovation research (SBIR) grant will enable the company to work on increasing the capabilities and reducing the operational costs in Earth orbit. If the company manages to impress the USAF, it could win as much as $1.5m in potential future funding....... Continue Reading


Repairing dead satellites with robots

ZDNet | May 23, 2019

There are more than 8,000 manmade objects orbiting earth, and a large portion of those no longer perform any function. Space debris is of increasing concern as barriers to launching satellites continue to fall, and the problem is only getting worse.

But robots could help. A company called Olis Robotics has announced receipt of a grant from the U.S. Air Force to streamline the control systems of robots that could operate in space to make satellite rehab practical...... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics sees many space applications for autonomy software

Space News | May 22, 2019

Olis Robotics, a company that offers software for mobile remote robots, sees many applications for its artificial intelligence to support internal and external space servicing, assembly, manufacturing and operational concepts,” Blaine Levedahl, Olis Robotics U.S. government programs director, said May 22 at the Space Tech Expo here..... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics wins $50K from Air Force to study options for satellite-servicing robots

GeekWire| May 17, 2019

Seattle-based Olis Robotics says it has received a $50,000 grant from the U.S. Air Force to lay out a plan for using its AI-driven software platform to control satellite-servicing robots in orbit. The initial Small Business Innovative Research grant could set the stage for as much as $1.5 million in future Air Force funding, depending on how the plan is received...... Continue Reading


Tech Moves: F5 Networks lands former Marketo and J.P. Morgan execs; AI2 adds managing director; Groupon snags REI vet; and more

GeekWire | May 7, 2019

Tech Moves covers notable hires, promotions and personnel changes in the Pacific NW tech community.

— Seattle-based Olis Robotics, which makes software for robots, named Tom Boyer chief commercial officer. Boyer was formerly a vice president at satellite communications company Kymeta. Prior to that, he worked at defense companies SAIC, Ravenwing and BAE Systems.... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics Accelerates Growth in Government, Commercial Space, and Terrestrial Markets with New Hire

Press Release | May 1, 2019

Olis Robotics, a leader in next-generation remote robotics software, expands its team by welcoming Tom Boyer as the Chief Commercial Officer. Mr. Boyer has 20 years of experience managing both start-up and large corporate organizations to launch innovative new products and services; delivering over $100M in revenues.... Continue Reading


Vote for AI Innovation of the Year: Seattle’s artificial intelligence clout featured at the GeekWire Awards

Press Release | April 12, 2019

The five finalists in this new category — Highspot, Mighty AI, Olis Robotics, Textio and Xnor — have already made names for themselves. Their founders can trace their pedigree to the leading lights of the Seattle tech scene, including Microsoft, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the University of Washington. And they’re working on technologies aimed at making enterprises more productive, making devices smarter and advancing the frontiers of exploration..... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics Announces Hire of Key Aerospace and Space Program Executive

Press Release | November 1, 2018

Dr. Levedahl’s depth of knowledge and experience leading robotics programs in both government and industry as well as his expertise in research and system development, is a perfect fit for us as we build out our team.... Continue Reading


Study to explore viability of robot-built space outposts made from debris

ZDNet | October 4, 2018

There's a lot of perfectly good space junk floating around up there, such as the upper stages of spent rockets. NanoRacks, a company dedicated to democratizing low-earth orbit by supporting innovations like cheap, easily deployed CubeSats, wants to use those in-space structures to build habitats known as Outposts. This week, NanoRacks shared some details about its Space Outpost Program and identified strategic study partners supporting its efforts, including Olis Robotics, which makes remote robotics software..... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics Joins NASA Team Assembled by NanoRacks to Explore Use of Robots in the Future of Space Habitats and the International Space Station

Press Release | September 24, 2018

Olis Robotics today announced its selection as a participating partner with NanoRacks to research the viability of low-Earth orbit (LEO) commercial habitats known as Outposts....Continue Reading


Olis Robotics Announces Acquisition of Machine Learning Startup to Help Lead Evolution of Robotics 2.0

Press Release | September 24, 2018

Olis Robotics, the leader in next-generation remote robotics software (formerly BluHaptics), has announced the acquisition of White Marsh Forests (WMF), a pioneering machine learning startup based in Seattle...Continue Reading


BluHaptics rebrands itself as Olis Robotics and acquires machine learning startup

GeekWire | September 19, 2018

A University of Washington spin-out called BluHaptics has been building up a business focusing on robotic control software for underwater robots — and now the Seattle startup is stepping things up a notch under a new name: Olis Robotics...Continue Reading


New Remote Robotics Manipulator Control System Launched

Marine Technology News | August 30, 2018

The Olis Master Controller is the first in a new line of offerings from the Seattle-based technology company, offering intuitive controls and more efficient operations which greatly enhance pilot control, precision, workflow and efficiency....Continue Reading


VMAX and BluHaptics – Simulation Meets Automation to Enhance ROV Training and Analysis

London, United Kingdom | March 2018

Forum Subsea Technologies and BluHaptics, Inc. have announced a joint agreement enabling technologies from both companies to be combined to provide solutions for ROV and subsea engineering applications...Continue Reading


BluHaptics and Tethers Unlimited Get In On $750,000 Grant from NASA

Seattle, WA | March 2018

Space projects led by two small businesses headquartered in Washington state — Seattle-based BluHaptics and Bothell-based Tethers Unlimited — are among 128 proposals selected by NASA to receive grants of up to $750,000...Continue Reading


BluHaptics Featured on MTR 100 - Leading List of Subsea Companies

New York, NY | July/August 2017

See page 11 in Marine Technology Reporter magazine...Continue Reading