Olis Robotics Announces Hire of Key Aerospace and Space Program Executive

Press Release | November 1, 2018

Dr. Levedahl’s depth of knowledge and experience leading robotics programs in both government and industry as well as his expertise in research and system development, is a perfect fit for us as we build out our team.... Continue Reading


Study to explore viability of robot-built space outposts made from debris

ZDNet | October 4, 2018

There's a lot of perfectly good space junk floating around up there, such as the upper stages of spent rockets. NanoRacks, a company dedicated to democratizing low-earth orbit by supporting innovations like cheap, easily deployed CubeSats, wants to use those in-space structures to build habitats known as Outposts. This week, NanoRacks shared some details about its Space Outpost Program and identified strategic study partners supporting its efforts, including Olis Robotics, which makes remote robotics software..... Continue Reading


Olis Robotics Joins NASA Team Assembled by NanoRacks to Explore Use of Robots in the Future of Space Habitats and the International Space Station

Press Release | September 24, 2018

Olis Robotics today announced its selection as a participating partner with NanoRacks to research the viability of low-Earth orbit (LEO) commercial habitats known as Outposts....Continue Reading


Olis Robotics Announces Acquisition of Machine Learning Startup to Help Lead Evolution of Robotics 2.0

Press Release | September 24, 2018

Olis Robotics, the leader in next-generation remote robotics software (formerly BluHaptics), has announced the acquisition of White Marsh Forests (WMF), a pioneering machine learning startup based in Seattle...Continue Reading


BluHaptics rebrands itself as Olis Robotics and acquires machine learning startup

GeekWire | September 19, 2018

A University of Washington spin-out called BluHaptics has been building up a business focusing on robotic control software for underwater robots — and now the Seattle startup is stepping things up a notch under a new name: Olis Robotics...Continue Reading


New Remote Robotics Manipulator Control System Launched

Marine Technology News | August 30, 2018

The Olis Master Controller is the first in a new line of offerings from the Seattle-based technology company, offering intuitive controls and more efficient operations which greatly enhance pilot control, precision, workflow and efficiency....Continue Reading


VMAX and BluHaptics – Simulation Meets Automation to Enhance ROV Training and Analysis

London, United Kingdom | March 2018

Forum Subsea Technologies and BluHaptics, Inc. have announced a joint agreement enabling technologies from both companies to be combined to provide solutions for ROV and subsea engineering applications...Continue Reading


BluHaptics and Tethers Unlimited Get In On $750,000 Grant from NASA

Seattle, WA | March 2018

Space projects led by two small businesses headquartered in Washington state — Seattle-based BluHaptics and Bothell-based Tethers Unlimited — are among 128 proposals selected by NASA to receive grants of up to $750,000...Continue Reading


BluHaptics Featured on MTR 100 - Leading List of Subsea Companies

New York, NY | July/August 2017

See page 11 in Marine Technology Reporter magazine...Continue Reading


ROV Operators Soon to Feel Blu

Edinburgh, United Kingdom | August 8, 2017

A new agreement between J2 Subsea and Seattle’s BluHaptics will enable haptic controls and modelling support for ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle) tools. For all the advantages that ROVs can offer subsea operations, actually learning to manoeuvre them is a tricky business. The disconnection – and occasionally grainy communication – between a topside operating console and the vehicle itself can certainly make piloting a challenge. To address this, haptic and augmented technologies can provide additional feedback, and bring pilots closer to the action...Continue Reading


BluHaptics and J2 Subsea Forge New Sales and Distribution Partnership

Aberdeen, United Kingdom | June 19, 2017

BluHaptics, the software company pioneering new technology for augmented robotics, and J2 Subsea, an Acteon company and global supplier of subsea tooling and services, have formed a sales and distribution partnership for BluHaptics’ first commercially available product – a software solution to make the operation of underwater manipulator arms safer and more effective...Continue Reading