Olis™ CoreOS

Robot Control Software
Increase Precision. Improve Efficiency. Reduce Downtime.


Software platform to integrate any robot system

  • Uniform interface for enterprise robotic control—lowering training and support costs

  • Remote piloting capabilities enable robot operations from centralized or distributed pilot operations—lowering operating infrastructure needs and low cost access for specialist operators

  • Platform delivers capacity to integrate future solutions to deliver autonomy capabilities—increasing efficiency and overall safety of operations

Olis™ Master Controller

Manipulator Control System
Engineered for the most demanding subsea systems and environments.

  • The Olis Master Controller running CoreOS is a manipulator control system for Subsea ROVs in the Offshore Energy Industry that greatly enhances pilot control, precision, workflow and efficiency.

  • ROV Pilots can quickly and easily set joint limits visually in a simulated environment, calibrate position sensors, perform diagnostics, toggle select error-checking and set baud rates.

  • Speeds, control modes and pilot-assist functions can be selected via touch screen so pilots can keep their hands on the controller and attention on the task.

Olis™ Digital Workspace

Provides a real time, navigable 3D model of the environment derived from a single sensor

  • Motion Compensation: Automatic arm compensation to maintain manipulator position on target

  • Target Setting and Tracking: Manually identify targets then track the targets in dynamic operating scenarios. Set-up exclusion zones for obstacle avoidance and pre-plan manipulator movement paths and virtual fixtures to avoid contact with, and focus on specific subsea assets

  • 3D visualization of the workspace: Fusion of CAD models, single camera structure from motion, stereo cameras and/or laser scanning.

Future autonomy products in the works.